Saengil Chukkhae uri enternal maknae

June 2012; i watched SJ’s ‘It’s you’ mv & fell in love with Super Junior. And this certain namja caught my eye instantly. Kim Ryeowook.

I don’t know what about you made me fall head over heels for you. Among the other Super Junior members, why was it YOU that made me go all queazy?

It’s your voice.

It’s your compassion.

It’s your sweet love for Ddabong.

It’s your kind and soft-hearted personality.

It’s your squishy cheeks.

It’s your passion in being a singer.

It’s your angel-like features.

It’s your everything.

Being a kpop fan for about three years, I’ve had other biases. 

But you’ve always been the ultimate in my heart.

No other idol, have managed to pull you down from your ‘throne’ in my heart.

And I believe, things will remain this way till I’m no longer a fan of kpop.

Thank you for always making my day with your soothing voice and adorable face. Thank you for always being my comfort for this past 3 years whenever I feel like I’m really lonely and wants a boyfriend. I see your face on my phone screen and immediately brightens up.

Thank you Kim Ryeowook.

And I love you.


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